ZORO R&D will provide the embedded software expertise to bring your projects to successful completion

Zoro provides embedded software engineering services from concept and specification to implementation and integration.
Our expertise covers various embedded domains; embedded solutions, mobile solutions, real-time software engineering and more.


  • Device driver development:
    Host driver: Windows OS (WDM, KMDF, UMDF etc. All drivers comply with Microsoft WHQL testing specifications).

  • Linux kernel drivers: our drivers can be found at kernel.org after passing all required tests and certifications.
  • Board support package (BSP).
  • DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and mix-signal systems.
  • Various CPU architectures: ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, Network processors, micro controllers and microprocessors.
  • Real Time OS: Android, embedded Linux, Windows Mobile, Windows CE, pSOS, ThreadX, Nucleus, Qualcomm OS, OHA, MQX, and others.
  • Porting: Based on Zoro’s extensive knowledge and expertise, we will supply you with an easy porting solution for one of our supported OS.
  • HW interfaces: PCI/e, USB, SDIO, SPP/SPI, I2C/EEPROM etc.


  • Various Internet Protocols (IP)
  • 2G/3G
  • LTE and WIMAX
  • Bluetooth
  • WIFI

Audio & Video

  • VOIP (H.323 and SIP)
  • Digital TV and radio broadcasting
  • Video decoders

Software & Hardware Solutions

Complete hardware and software solution in-house with cooperation with the chip authoring and board designer Inomize.

Complete software and hardware environment support to all HW issues including:
HW board design and development, HW definition and specification, architectural design, FPGA design, VLSI design, verification, prototyping, manufacturing and project support.